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Web Design

The following are websites I have designed or currently maintain. 
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Isolatek International is a wordpress based website. This website contains 3 different websites with three individual entities in each website. I maintain this website on a daily basis.

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Serenity Dental Spa


​​Serenity Dental Spa is a sanctuary where the East meets the West, the old meets the new, and necessity meets luxury. This website is a wix based website. I created and also maintain this website on a monthly basis. I wanted to portray the Zen feeling you would want to get from a dental office.  Expressing the feeling of zen may give the patient a comfortable feeling, 

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Richard Norris Construction

Richard Norris Construction is a family business. I design and currently maintain this website.  I upload the website to an FTP run by myself. This website was designed in HTML 5.

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